Business Operations Blueprint

Attention: Business Owners, Chief Officers, Solo Entrepreneurs. Do you work in an independently owned business, a corporation, a non-profit, a family owned business, or you would like to start your own business?

Are you tired of worrying that your business might fail?

Is the burden of running the business burning up your income producing time?

In a matter of days, you can have the confidence that your business is running productively with your own, customized Business Operations Blueprint — or “BOB”

From the desk of Chris Hart

Chris Hart - ChrisHart1 Consulting, Business Growth SpecialistDear Business Leader,

I know that it’s tough out there in the business world today. We’ve all heard the sobering statistics about how 80% of businesses fail within the first 3 years.

Established businesses are also struggling to keep the doors open and are closing at an alarming rate. It’s no wonder that you’re concerned. Even though it’s not your fault that the economy is so brutal, you still have a responsibility to help your organization remain viable and profitable.

Do you ever feel like you are working all the time but don’t know if you’re making any progress? Do you wish there was an easy way to tell if your business is moving forward?

  • Have you thought lately?”I feel like the entire burden of this business rests on my shoulders.”?
  • Are you frustrated because you don’t have the business data you need to make an important decision?

The Business Operations Blueprint ? CEO Edition was created just for you!

“Chris, what an awesome class and what wonderful timing. The Non-Profit Organization that we founded in November is at the stage where this class and the tools that you are equipping us with are mandatory education for us. Thank you for your fine work and I look forward to seeing you in the next class. Thank You!”

? Keith, BOB Course Graduate

“Wow! Really great job. Everything was so prepared and organized. Walking through the documents made everything so tangible and practical. You also have a very accessible approach. The guy/gal implementing this doesn’t have to be a biz whiz to get it and plug it in. You’ve done an exceptional job with this whole entity you’ve created! “

?Benjamin, young entrepreneur and BOB Graduate

“Chris, I am definitely a satisfied customer! The Business Operations Blueprint is a great help. When I start to feel like the Lone Ranger out here in my business, I know I can bounce things off Chris and he helps me stay organized and manage the details. I am good at sales and marketing, but not so at Vision Statements, Mission Statements, and Employee Management. Chris knows all that and much more. I rely on him as a sounding board and for his ideas.”

? Steve, Business Owner and BOB Executive Coaching Client

To see how the Business Operations Blueprint ? CEO Edition can help you, just ask yourself…

  • Are your operational processes unclear and undocumented?
  • Is there a toxic team member you don’t know how deal with?
  • Is it hard for you to get a clear, current financial status?
  • Is your marketing producing satisfactory results?
  • Are your projects ahead of schedule and under budget?
  • Do you have a defined plan for new products and services?
  • Are all your daily activities profitable and productive?
  • Do you have an easy way of measuring the success of projects?


“The Business Operations Blueprint ? CEO Edition will help you with all of these business issues?and more!”

“BOB is Spectacular! These days, everyone in business is trying to do more with less, yet productivity and profitability are STILL suffering? as is team morale at all levels. The only way to be more profitable with less is to be more productive, and BOB is the best process and instructional system I have yet to come across that gets people and organizations to peak productivity.

The OED, Organization for Entrepreneurial Development, feels so strongly about BOB that we will be featuring (him) this fall and we will be using (him) in our face to face training also.”

? Eric, OED Principal and Founder

“Chris, the first class of the BOB Webinar was great! You were on time; it was full of well organized information, and easy to understand. The proverbial light bulbs were going off as I listened, which resulted in three pages of inspired notes. WOW, Thank you!”

? David, Real Estate Executive

Would you like to know that you really are on course to accomplish your goals?

When you create a customized Business Operations Blueprint, you will sleep better at night and enjoy your family time because you have confidence that your business is running on a plan.

The components of the Business Operations Blueprint make a comprehensive business plan for any type or size organization. With a well documented BOB, you are able to:

  • Capture the original dream and vision of the founder(s)
  • Focus everyone’s daily activities on specific goals and objectives
  • Easily measure indicators of profitability, success, and progress
  • Move the “magic” of running the operation out of people’s heads and onto digital documents
  • Create reproducible processes so every action is not a “Heroic Effort”
  • Build a team that is motivated, confident, and well informed
  • Develop training tools for team members from executives to temps
  • Manage deadlines, budgets, and project deliverables
  • Define marketing plans that are cost efficient and productive
  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business

What’s inside the BOB CEO Edition…

Chapter 1 ? Vision and Mission Statements

The Vision and Mission Statement chapter will show you how to:

Focus team members on profitable tasks

Proclaim how your organization is unique

Promote your core values

Clearly identify your target market

The BOB Vision and Mission Statement package contains:

The Vision & Mission Statement chapter of the BOB manual

A Vision Statement Worksheet

A Mission Statement Worksheet

A print-ready certificate to display your Vision Statement

A print-ready certificate to display your Mission Statement

Chapter 2 ? Goals and Objectives

The Goals and Objectives chapter helps an organization to:

Determine what your organization will become

Establish success criteria for every project and activity

Define timelines for all action items

Create Objectives that detail Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why

Map out daily action items that allow every team member to contribute toward the organization’s Vision and Mission

Specify rewards for leaders who hit their success target

The BOB Goals and Objectives Statement package contains:

The Goals and Objectives chapter of the BOB

A Goals Worksheet

An Objectives Worksheet

A template for a Goals and Objectives Register

Chapter 3 ? Productivity Metrics

Metrics are simply pieces of data that allow you to get a snapshot look at the health and productivity of your organization.

Metrics help to determine your organization’s Health, Profitability, Stability, and Growth

Productivity Metrics can also be early warning signals of:

Being out of compliance

Critical materials shortages

Violations of service level agreements

Missed customer service targets

Dangerous levels of debt, cash, expenses, absenteeism, and inventory shrinkage

The BOB Productivity Metrics Package contains:

The Productivity Metrics chapter of the BOB manual

A Productivity Metrics Worksheet

A template for a Metrics Register so you can record an unlimited numbers of Metrics. This allows you to have a set of Productivity Metrics for every department.

Chapter 4 ? Financial Plan

The Financial Plan chapter of the Business Operations Blueprint manual helps any organization to:

Create a Financial Plan that is effective, simple, and easy to understand

Calculate its Break-Even Point

Focus on activities that increase Income

Discover opportunities to reduce Expenses

The BOB Financial Plan package contains:

The Financial Plan chapter of the BOB manual

Worksheets to calculate your organization’s Break-Even Point

Increase Income Worksheets

Decrease Expenses Worksheets

Financial Plan Templates

Chapter 5 ? Financial Statements

The Financial Review chapter of the BOB manual will answer these questions:

Why Review My Finances Regularly?

Shouldn’t My CPA Do This For Me?

What if I’m Too Busy to Review My Statements?

What Do I Look For in My Financial Statements?

The BOB Financial Review Package contains:

Income Statement spreadsheets that show comparisons of “Actual to Target”, “This Year to Last Year”, and “Year-To-Date Totals”

Balance Sheet spreadsheets that show comparisons of “Actual to Target” and “This Year to Last Year”

The Powerful Financial Statements are easily customized to clearly display important data. A full suite of sample reports are also provided that show popular formats that you can create

Chapter 6 ? Operations Model

Would you like to make your organization “Bullet-Proof”?

– The Operations Model chapter of the Business Operations Blueprint manual helps your organization to:

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Make their operations Reproducible and Scalable

Create Succession Plans for all team members

Capture critical business procedures so that they are accessible to all team members.

The BOB Operations Model package takes you step-by-step through creating these powerful and critical documents for your organization.

The Operations Model chapter of the BOB manual

Worksheet to capture “What Do Only I Know”?

Single Points of Failure Discovery Worksheet

Single Points of Failure Elimination Plan Registry Sheets

Succession Plan Register ? Blank and Sample

Operations Procedures Register ? Blank and Sample

Chapter 7 ? Staffing Services

With the BOB Staffing Services Chapter, you can eliminate these types of statements being said by your staff!

“Everyone is treated differently. There is no consistency.”

“I’m not sure who all is in my department.”

“Promotions are based on politics, not how well I perform.”

“It is not clear what’s in my job description?and what is NOT.”

“How do I get a raise around here, anyway?”

The BOB Staffing Services Package puts powerful tools in your hand to help you create a fair, organized work environment and contains:

The Staffing Services chapter of the BOB manual

A BOB Organization Chart Model and Resources

Job Description Models and Resources

New Team Member Checklist

Policy Manual Topics and Resources

Performance Review Checklist

Status Report Template ? Sample and Blank

Chapter 8 ? Project Management

Have any of the following statements ever been said about your projects?

“This project is dragging on forever.”

“Who pays for this, the project or regular operations?”

“Actual project costs are double the original budget. This is a money pit!”

“Resources for the projects are being taken from regular operations and hurting our core business.”

The following Project Management topics are displayed in presentation format so they are easy to share with your team:

What Elements are In-Scope and Out-of-Scope?

What is the Project’s Completion Criteria?

How to Build a Project Team

Creating a Communication Plan So Everyone Knows What to Expect

What Constraints is the Project Operating Under?

Planning the Project’s Timeline

How to Manage Issues that Affect the Project

The BOB Project Management Package contains:

The Project Management chapter of the BOB manual

A Project Summary Spreadsheet

A Project Financial Plan Spreadsheet

A Project Timeline Spreadsheet in Monthly Format

A Project Timeline Spreadsheet in Weekly Format

A Project Issues Log Spreadsheet

Chapter 9 ? Research & Development

The BOB R&D Package allows you to:

Create a “report card” for your business

Build a step-by-step process to convert your company into a World Class Organization
Systematically increase quality

Break out of the rut of “business as usual”

Capture creative ideas and turn them into action plans so that your business grows and develops.

The BOB Research and Development Package contains:

The Research and Development chapter of the BOB manual

An Organization Performance Review Spreadsheet

An Organization Performance Review Action Item Register

Chapter 10 ? Marketing

Marketing is not really “Magic.” It is a process that communicates a message, that results in a sale. Material covered in the BOB Marketing chapter includes:

The Difference Between Marketing, Sales, Advertising, and PR

How to Create a Marketing Plan

What Do Our Potential Customers Want?

What Price Should We Charge?

How Will Our Product Be Delivered?

The BOB Marketing Package contains:

The Marketing chapter of the BOB manual

Marketing Plan Worksheets

Chapter 11 ? Sales

For maximum profitability, you need a well-defined Sales Process!

The BOB Sales chapter addresses these issues:

What Are Our Customer’s “Buy Signals”?

Overcoming Objections

Defining Features and Benefits that are Important to our Customers

Nurturing Our Customers to Increase Repeat Sales

The BOB Sales Package contains:

The Sales chapter of the BOB manual

A Sales Process Worksheet

A Sales Process Register

“Chris, I have enjoyed the BOB webinar and felt it was worth the investment of time and resources. I am refocused in building my own business and am using the concepts in working with my clients. I appreciate your friendship and your mentorship… I have learned so much for you.”

? Tom, BOB Course Graduate

“I took your Business Operations Blueprint course and it was awesome. BOB makes business so simple. I’ve never seen a business model presented this way. I’m getting ready to put it all in place now that I cleared some business hindrances out of my life.”

? Ron and Deborah, BOB Course Graduates

“Chris, It’s been my pleasure to participate in the Business Operations Blueprint webinar. The information is great and I can use it immediately – both for myself and my clients! Isn’t it interesting how we all neglect to do some of the basic things that will make us successful! Taking this webinar has renewed my personal focus on my business and not just running it – but truly growing it by putting in place the key elements for success.”

? Mark, BOB Webinar Graduate

This sounds great, but how much is it going to cost?

Download all of the course today for one full payment of $597

So are you ready to GET STARTED or do you have a few more questions?

Chris Hart - ChrisHart1 Consulting, Business Growth SpecialistChris, I’m working almost non-stop now. How will I have time to implement BOB?

I know how busy you are. That’s why I designed BOB so that your Business Operations Blueprint can be developed AS you run your business. I’ve done all of the hard work for you. Just follow the simple step-by-step processes as you go about your business day.

A friend of mine had a consultant come in and charge them $35,000 to do a business plan and left them with a big black binder. Is this what BOB is?

NO! Not at all! The problem with the Big Black Binder consultants is that even if the content in the binder is excellent, they leave it up to the business leader to implement all the changes. Guess what? Most businesses never execute any of the changes the consultants recommend. BOB is created to capture YOUR best practices so that it is fun and easy to make sure your business is on track to success

Will BOB work for ministries and non-profits?

Absolutely! In addition to being a Fortune 100 consultant, I’ve served as an Executive Pastor and Business Administrator for multiple 501(C)(3)organizations. BOB is based on rock-solid business principles that apply to all ministries, para-church organizations, and not-for-profit groups.

Is implementing my own BOB going to be too complicated for me?

No. You and I both know that if something is difficult or takes a long time, we just never get around to doing it. The BOB worksheets are in a conversation style and can be filled out by a solo entrepreneur, a small team of 2 or 3 business leaders, or by an entire department. The worksheets take a step-by-step approach and walk you through creating a simple process that allows you to be highly productive.

Is BOB beneficial for a business that is just starting?

Yes! The BOB CEO Edition will guide you through creating your Vision Statement, Financial Plan, first year goals, and Marketing Plan. Plus, the Business Operations Blueprint supplies you with all of the templates, certificates, and registers to document these critical business elements so that you can show them to potential investors, vendors, bankers, and clients.

Chris, will it really make a difference in my business to have a customized Business Operations Blueprint?

I’ve been where you are. I have been frustrated because I didn’t feel that my organization had the right “rails to run on.” That is why I took my 30+ years as an international business consultant and created the easy to implement Business Operations Blueprint ? CEO Edition. BOB is the same toolkit that I use when working with my Executive Coaching clients. By implementing the simple techniques in BOB, your business will be well on its way to becoming a world-class organization, and you will have the confidence that your business is running off of a powerful, productive, and profitable plan!

Yes Chris! I am ready to get started! I want to get it today!
I am ready to get my Business Operations Blueprints – CEO Edition

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Chris Hart - ChrisHart1 Consulting, Business Growth SpecialistWorking with you for your success

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