About Chris

I created ChrisHart1.com to be a rich set of online resources for Business Leaders and Individual Investors that will help you to improve cash flow and increase profits.

I love working with Independent Businesses, Corporations, and Start-up Enterprises. My specialty is helping you develop a business plan, then breaking it down into simple daily tasks.

Chris M. Hart, Sr.

Recent Clients:

Types of Businesses

  • Satellite TV Installation
  • Charter School District with 200+ employees and 1,800 students
  • Veterinarian specializing in exotic pets like birds, snakes, & reptiles
  • Missionary Organization with workers in 15 countries
  • Road Construction Company with a “miracle” soil stabilization product
  • Family-run Barbeque Restaurant
  • Wireless Telecommunications company (Top 4)
  • Large Denominational Church
  • Video and Photographic Creative Media Group

Major Corporations

  • MetroPCS – Wireless phone
  • DirectTV – Satellite supplied cable TV
  • Elexio – Church database and integrated website solutions
  • AT&T – Wireless Internet, Phone, TV, IT services
  • Lockheed Martin – Aeronautic, Space, and IT Systems
  • United Technologies – Aerospace systems and industrial products
  • WCI Steel (now Severstal) – Flat rolled steel mill
  • KONE Inc. – Escalator and Elevator manufacturer

Start-Up Enterprises

  • A Trade School Training Franchise
  • A Handyman Repairs Start-Up
  • A 5,000+ Member Church
  • A Youth Mentoring Non-Profit
  • A Nurse Staffing Company
  • A Specialty Gourmet Restaurant Chain
  • A Construction Industry Training Portal

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